I am ACC (ICF International Coach Federation) certified coach.

I have a business background (4 years experience in managing own company, CVprofi.cz, which specializes in career counselling services) and over 6 years of experience with FMCQ of international companies regarding digital marketing positions (Yves Rocher, Estée Lauder).

The personality of the coach is also important for coaching. I have always been optimistic and I was glad to help others and to support them in achieving their goals. Years of career counseling brought me to coaching, where the path and the goal are fully in the hands of the client. That's why the coaching approach resonates with me. I always put empathy and discretion first.

My coaching approach is based on the GROW method of one of John Whitmore's techniques, who is considered one of the most successful coaches in Europe, and the Inside Out approach of world-renowned coach Michael Neil.

In my personal life I am devoted to painting and drawing, yoga, Tai Chi and beekeeping I recently successfully completed a 2-year “Beekeeper study program“.

I coach personally in Prague or anywhere via Skype. Our meetings can be held in English, French or Spanish.

Certificate Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Certificate of completion the coaching course

My education in coaching and in hypnosis

I was excited about coaching a few years ago and since then I have been trying to help my clients to live better. And to help you as best as I possibly can, I continually improve my myself through educational courses and seminars:

  • Hypnotherapy course I., Institute of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy – PhDr. Martin Dlabal, Ph.D.
  • RE coaching with accredited mentoring (83 hours ICF Portfolio Application + 12 hours mentoring with ICF certified mentor), Results & Emotions, Prague
  • Relaxation hypnosis course I-V., Institute of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy – PhDr. Martin Dlabal, Ph.D.
  • "Suivre les transitions de vie avec les Evolutions Loops", Sylviane Cannio, ICF Synergie
  • "L'éthique du Coach c'est être Coach ou faire du Coaching?", Isabelle Wats, ICF Synergie
  • La visualisation pour un coaching profond et puissant, Line Gini, ICF Synergie
  • Sales Coaching course, inLearning
  • English course in "Psychology: Memory and Cognition", December 2017, Alison
  • Semester course of Psychology, 2017, Tutor
  • Master of Communication 2016, Andy Winson, Trenčín

Other courses: Discover Your Power 2016, Andy Winson, Trencin; The Mystery of the Rich, 2016, Andy Winson, Bratislava; Self-esteem and coaching, Results & Emotions, 2016, Prague; Self-reflection and border setting (for children from Children's Homes), 2016, Yourchance, Prague; Negotiation training with the negotiator, 2015, Vít Prokupek, Prague; Psychology of Conviction: Art to Influence, 2015, Vít Prokupek, Prague; Basic features of working with children from Children's Homes, 2015, Yourchance, Prague

Even coaching has its own rules

  • # SAFETY
    I create a safe and supportive environment. I fully respect you and listen to you as a coach, but I do not judge you.
    I inform you clearly about the differences between coaching, counseling, psychotherapy and other disciplines.
    Everything we say during our coaching sessions remains confidential.
    I follow the ICF Standards of Conduct (ICF).