Jarmila Doubková (Kacerlová), MBA (ACC ICF)

Mental coach

Win over yourself

Put the wind in your sails. As a coach, I help people to overcome their fear of change, indecisiveness or thoughts that stop them from making progress. I employ both empathy and discretion to build on our sessions. Coaching is an effective and positive method based on well-placed questions that quickly helps you set your goals and follow all the steps that lead to them.

I often help entrepreneurs with start-up projects and business development, but I also want to help you with another topic.

I can help you with any issue, mainly with:

Business coaching

  • You are looking for space to develop your business ideas
  • You are starting your own business and would like to avoid mistakes
  • You want to improve leadership, delegation and communication skills
  • You want to work more efficiently and use your time effectively

Career coaching

  • You are thinking about changing your career, but do not know how to do it
  • You would like to find a better job
  • You have been working at the same place for a long time and you want to move on
  • You need to strengthen strengths and overcome weaknesses

Life coaching

  • You have long thought about the reality of your life but do not know how to solve or alter it
  • You want to find all the alternatives for possible decisions before you decide
  • You are thinking about the changes to life, but do not know how to do it
  • You have problems with relationships, whether in personal or working life

How to make this happen?

  • Contact me and let´s arrange an appointment (personally or via Skype)
  • We'll identify your vision and goals
  • We'll look for opportunities and choices
  • We'll create a plan together
  • We'll apply the changes and the steps you take towards the goal
  • Evaluation

What did my clients say about me?

Coaching with Jarka helped me to sort out many open questions that I have addressed which then helped me to channel my energy into a coherent structure. It then became easier for me to navigate and solve individual areas. Jarka is a good listener, inspirational and asks the right questions. She allowed me to engage freely in our debates and would gently steer me back on topic when I went off track. I felt very safe with her and I looked forward to our individual sessions where we not only found solutions to individual areas that we highlighted, came up with new insights and ideas for further processing and utilization. It was joyous to work on myself.

Jana GregorováIllustrator

Since I am a pragmatic type of person, I had to cope with mistrust at the beginning. However coaching sessions with Jarmila Kacerlová pleasantly surprised me. She helped me sort out my thoughts, look at things from a new perspective and find new ideas and solutions.

MartinIT analyst

Maximum confidence in my success. This is coaching with Jarmila Kacerlova. She helped me name my ideas, set goals and provided steps to realize the idea. She asks questions that about me personally, my projects, and my wishes. She helps to find motivation that you believe you lack or have lost. She doesn't keep your nose to the grindstone, but at the same time, she is 100% with you.

ŠárkaCustomer Experience Manager

Recently, thanks to Jarmila's coaching, I have come up with a few vital things that can improve my life. Jarmila empathically helped me to find the essence of the problem and the possibilities of solving it. Thanks Jarmila!


I knew the term “coaching” and therefore knew that it could help me to compare a bit, my thoughts about my professional life and where to go further. In the case of Jarmila (and I want to thank her for it), it definitely exceeded my expectations. I started with the fact that I have one more concrete idea and another less tangible and less likely to be realized. Finally, thanks to Jarmila, I realized that those ideas that were intangible were the right way for me. After a few hours of speaking, I knew I would not take steps back again and I was sure as never before, which is why I signed up for a fitness trainer course. My first lesson begins next weekend. If you do not know what you want to do and are looking for someone who will empathically help you to find your way to your dream destination, turn to Jarmila with confidence.

Zuzana TatíčkováRegional Director

Let's get to know each other

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